There are a lot of Android users searching for call someone without showing your number, how to call someone with a private number in android mobile. There are a lot of android apps available on play store to call someone without credit, You can call your friends with a fake mobile number to prank them. But these all apps are showing some secret mobile number like 3 digits or 4 digit number. Your friends will get a call from that number and they will understand you are using such apps to free calling. But Private Number calling is a most popular method to hide mobile number when calling.

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Basically, this types of tricks required to purchase credits and other calling minutes to make calls to your friends. Here in this post am sharing this low-cost trick to make calls with a private number in android mobile. The below trick is very simple like atnt calling method, You need to call below number and enter your desired mobile number to call them without showing your mobile number.

By using this trick, Your caller id will show as Private Number in your receivers mobile. So You will get more privacy and security while calling someone. This trick working fine in all networks on any android mobile. Simply follow below steps to make calls with a private number in android mobile.

Call Someone With Private Number In Android :

  • Open dialer on your android mobile and call 02241535555
  • Now you will get some welcome voice from this service.
  • Just ignore the welcome message and enter the mobile number you want to call.
  • Wait minimum 10 seconds and you will hear the connecting tone.
  • Finally, your call will get placed and receivers will get Private Number as your caller id.
  • This is completely free to use, You just need to pay for call charges.

Unlike other call spoofing sites, This method doesn’t take high rates of voice call charges. So you can make unlimited calls using trick without worry about any extra call costs. So follow all above steps and enjoy calling someone with Private Number.

If you have any issues while following above steps, Just comment here to get help. Also, read Unlimited Free Conference Calling Trick 2018 To make unlimited free conference calls without any call charges. Share this how to call someone with private number caller id post with your friends.


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