Hello Friends, currently jio give 4g limited voice calls 300 minutes per day. Unlimited call blocked due to the higher usage of voice calling per day. So here i have to tell about the easy trick to bypass jio 300 minutes voice calls limit per day and makes unlimited calls without any limits. The below post helps you How To Make Unlimited Free Calls In Jio Sim. It causes due to many jio users using jio 4g for make promotional calls and using free calling more than 5 hours per day. So jio takes action against the promotional calls and stopped unlimited calls in their plans.

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But you can now bypass this jio 300 minutes calling limit per day using below method.Jio has Stunned All India with Its Unique And Cheapest Free 4G offers and Free Unlimited Calls to Any Mobile Number Of India. Because of the unlimited calling and 4g data jio takes the primary part in the mobile networks. But due to the unlimited plans, Jio users misusing jio 4g for making unlimited promo calls.

This limitation only for jio users who makes more than 100 calls in 7 days. Jio sending limitation invitation to that users and restrict unlimited access to voice calling. So here is the solution to unblock 300 minutes limitation in jio sim for making unlimited free calls without any limits.

Features of Jio4GVoice (JioJoin) App:-

  • HD Voice & Video Calling
  • Rich Call
  • Unified Messaging for SMS & Chat

How To Make Unlimited Free Calls In Jio Sim :

  • First, you Call to jio 4g customer care number by dialing 198 or 199.
  • Now tell them am using jio sim for personal usage, so unblock my number.
  • After that, you will get unblocked with unlimited calling.
  • Make unlimited calls per day without 300 minutes limitation issue.
  • You can contact jio customer support by dialing 198 or 199 from jio 4g sim. Also, you can contact them via the web using jio contact us page.
  • Once you reach the customer support write briefly about your usage of jio 4g network. Basically this limitation only for jio customers who make more than 300 minutes calling per day.

So you will get unblocked from jio unlimited calling services. Then enjoy unlimited free calls in jio 4g sim without any 300 minutes per day blocking. Also, read my previous post about jio 4g unlimited free internet trick. Follow all above steps carefully and enjoy free calling in jio sim without any limits. Just comment here, if you are facing any issues while following above steps.


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