Domain authority is the score how long it takes to index a page in google by 1 to 100 points of score. Officially this was launched by Moz team and every website domain has domain authority. There are a lot of websites have low domain authority and looking for how to increase domain authority and page authority fast. Here is the best way how to improve domain authority Fast or how to improve domain authority moz. Basically, Moz domain authority gets updated for every domain on their database with the scale of 1 to 100.

The authority update will happen in every month based on your domain quality. Due to the poor performance your domain may get domain authority drop and SEO drop, So here am sharing this best way to improve domain authority. Domain authority and page authority is the important ranking factor to get higher rank in search engines. A page will get a higher ranking when the domain authority is stronger.

In this post am sharing best ways to improve domain authority and page authority in several methods. In my case am getting DA30 for [The enough score for well ranking] in just 3 months after the site launch. So today am sharing my tips to increase the domain authority and page authority to get good page rank in search engines. Follow below steps and enjoy more DA score.

How To Improve Domain Authority Fast :

Here are the 10 best ways to improve domain authority dramatically. Follow below steps in your blogs and websites.

1. High DA Backlinks:

Collect high domain authority backlinks from good page authority pages with your desired keywords. Then you will get higher rank and DA score too. This will improve your page authority score for get your keywords top on search engines. Here is my previous post with a high domain authority backlinks list.

2. Domain Age:

Domain age is the main point in domain authority. For getting higher domain authority you must have domain age as 6 months older. This was the reason why all new domains getting domain authority 1.

3. Increase Social Shares:

Social media engagement is the main part of authority and traffic. On many of my SEO related posts, I suggest getting more social media shares. You can use social media plugins and share buttons to improve shares. Also, ask your friends to share posts on social media.

4. Reduce Bounce Rate:

This was the score how your readers using your blog. You can get your current bounce rate in google analytics and Alexa. When your lot of users reading your only one page and leave the page, It increases your bounce rate percentage. Use internal links and link your related posts to get healthy bounce rate.

5. Site Loading Time:

Actually site loading time is the main requirement when your pages require page rank. Search engines looking for the only faster webpage which have less than 5 seconds loading time. Choose the best theme and avoid a lot of ads on your webpages to reduce the loading time.

6. Remove Bad Backlinks:

backlinks are the important off page SEO optimization. But having a huge number of spam backlinks may hurt your domain score. So use this how to identify and remove bad backlinks from your site and remove all spam links from your domain. This will reduce spam score in Moz score.

7. Broken Links:

Internal links and external links take an important part in quality score. By having a number of broken links, Google bots think your site not properly maintained. So use some tools and plugins for fixing broken links on your site.

8. Content Quality:

Write natural content with some long tail keywords. There are a lot of tools available on the web to find long tail keywords and short tail keywords. Write an article with up to 400 minimum words with minimum 5 keywords in your posts.

9. Outbound Links:

Make all outbound links as nofollow and provide dofollow links only to the quality site. By providing tons of links to spam sites, Your site performance may drop. So use plugins and some tools to open external links in new tab and nofollow. Also links less than 100 pages in your every page.

10. Short Permalinks:

Try to keep your permalinks shorter. Short permalinks help you to get faster indexing on search engines. Add your site to google webmaster tool and use fetch as google bot option when Google skipped your page for indexing.

All above methods help you to get more domain authority score. So follow all above steps and enjoy more ranking on search engines. Also, focus on your blog SEO and improve traffic using social media sites like facebook and twitter. I hope these info’s will be helpful for your search how to improve website domain authority and how to improve my domain authority, Share this post with your friends and check my SEO tips section too for getting more seo rank.


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