Backlinks are called as off page SEO optimization. But a lot of beginner bloggers getting backlinks only for increase the count in Alexa and some other tools. Here everyone facing common issue seo drop. As per google algorithm, bad backlinks can hurt your SEO rank and quality score dramatically. Google only requires high-quality natural content and high-quality links for make your page appears on results. So am back here with this tutorial on How To Identify And Remove Bad Backlinks [Free] from websites for save SEO ranking.

2,3 Years ago google gives higher ranking to web pages which have a lot of backlinks. But now after Google algorithm updates, It requires only high-quality backlinks and natural content for higher page rank. But identifying bad backlinks is slightly hard to get. Many tools available on the web for identifying backlinks quality, But these all are paid tools and require a subscription to the work. Here am sharing free method which allows you to identify bad backlinks from your websites.

Google webmaster tools give complete access to your websites for how your pages appear on google and how to get ranking. Here this post also based on google webmaster tools disavow tool. Basically, disavow tool helps you to remove backlinks from your website. You can remove backlinks from a particular page or from entire domain to save ranking from an unwanted backlink. Just follow below simple steps mentioned here and remove bad backlinks from your site.

How to identify and remove bad backlinks :

Here are the tools which help you to remove bad backlinks via Moz. Moz open site explorer helps you to find backlinks and the authority of your website. Here you can also track the spam backlinks which hurts your current ranking in search engine page rank. And another tool is openlinkexplorer. This is the only one tool which helps you to find bad backlinks via the link influence score.

Identifying Bad Backlinks Through Moz :

Domain authority and page authority is the main thing is SEO page rank. So that you can get authority in all keyword tool and the difficulty is also calculated by the top 10 results authority of domain and pages.

Open Moz pro and sign in to your account.
Now enter your domain name in URL box and analyze domain.
Navigate to spam analysis and you will get all spam score of backlinks.
Then copy the domains which have higher spam score [Approx: 4 and more]
Now open notepad and enter the domain name like below formats.
For remove backlinks from particular page enter page URL only.
For remove backlinks from an entire domain, Enter one by one.
Paste all the domains and URL in given format and save as .txt file.
Here is the screenshot of Moz spam analysis tool :

You can get all spam backlinks from the spam flag and score here. Simply copy the domains and paste it on .txt file and save it to your file manager.

Here is the Google disavow tool:

Choose the domain and upload the .txt file which contains spam backlinks and saves it. Now Google bots skip this pages when crawling these pages as per your disavow rules. So your site will save from spam backlinks crawling and your SEO drop will be fixed. This will take up to 7 days to get back your ranking. Need some patience for remove spam backlinks.

Identifying Bad Backlinks From Openlinkprofiler :

  • Open the site and paste your site URL.
  • Now choose the Show only unique domains and enable it.
  • Then you will get all backlinks with the influence score.
  • Here copy the domains which have less than 5% influence score.
  • 5% Lis links all are bad backlinks. 0% lis score backlinks are bad backlinks.
  • Now paste the domains on .txt file as per disavow tool guide and upload it.

Here is the openlinkprofiler screenshot of bad backlinks which have poor lis. I have mentioned the bad backlinks below.

Finally, you are done. This method is completely free and easy to use. But you can use this tool only 3 times per day as per seoprofiler offer for how to remove bad backlinks. For more analyze you have to subscribe premium membership on seoprofiler.

Get backlinks only from lis score 30% to improve your LIS Score in openlinkprofiler. Also, read my previous post about how to get high-quality dofollow backlinks. Ok, guys, I hope this how to find bad backlinks post will help you to find bad backlinks from your website and remove them from google bots crawling. Follow all above steps and enjoy SEO ranking and high-quality links.

If you have any issues and questions related this post, Just comment here for help. I will help you to remove bad backlinks from your websites. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting for more SEO tips.


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