Hi friends, Today I have to tell about why can’t download anything from Google Play store. Your mobile data or WiFi data working good Network condition also browse any web page (or) social media you can open your mobile. But you can’t download any apps from play store?

That means you should be clear catch from downloading manager. It happens many times on your mobile. That time you never need to reset your phone (or) never need to format your mobile. In this problem happen for downloading manager cache memory because you have downloaded and working lot of apps in your mobile that cache memory contains some problem so you need to clear that cache until you cannot download any apps from Google.

First of all, check your network connection some time it’s happened for your network connection problem so check it.

If your network in good condition but you can’t download any apps from play store you will try below procedure…

Procedure for Google play store continuously “downloading” but does not download

  • First, you go the Mobile settings and go to Apps (Settings->Apps).
    how to fix Download Pending Error in Google play store
  • Then click on right side menu icon now you should be click “show system”. It has to show all apps on your mobile.
    fix download problem from google play store
  • Search Download Manager opens it. Then click on clear data inside of Storage.
    Error in Google play store
  • Now come back click Force Stop inside of Download Manager.
    fix Download Pending Error in Google play store
  • Then you can do the same procedure for downloads inside of Apps. Click on Downloads then click clear data inside of storage now come back to your downloads inside of Apps click Force stop.
  • Then you should be restarting your smartphone. Now Go to Google play store Download any apps…

Sometimes it happens on your mobile you can solve this way and your friends also face this problem you can do this format….


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