Now a days everyone lives in wifi available area and looking for hack wifi password. Wifi password is the easiest one to hack with some online tools. There are a lot of tricks available on the web for hacking wifi password with apk apps on Android and software for pc. But in this post am gonna share you this easy trick to crack any wifi password without using any software on your computer. This method only based on pc command prompt. Just read this How To Hack Wifi Password Using Cmd and follow below steps.

There are some security keys available to protect your wifi connections. These security keys are WPE, WPA and WPA2 protects wifi from unauthorized users. WPE is the commonly used security key with 128 bit and 256-bit encryption since 1998. Wpa and wpa2 is the most popular another security key which is launched in 2006. After the WPA launch, It covers all wifi connections and replaces WPE in colleges and some other important areas.

Wifi hacking is not the easiest task for beginners, There are a lot of steps and basic hacking knowledge required. But this hack wifi password using cmd method working fine even without hacking knowledge. Cmd is the common windows features that allow you to access all windows feature using commands. This trick also based on cmd command and you can hack any wifi easily with cmd with complete security.

How To Hack Wifi Password Using Cmd :

Follow steps to hack any password protected wifi and enjoy unlimited internet through free wifi. This method working fine in all version windows including windows xp. So follow below steps and enjoy free wifi.

  • Press Windows + R button and type cmd to the Open command prompt.
  • Then type below code in cmd netsh WLAN show network mode=bssid.
  • Then you will get all available wifi connection in your circle.
  • Finally type netsh wlan connect name=[Wifi Connection Name].
  • Then you will get connected to the desired wifi without a password.
  • Enjoy free browsing without wifi password.
  • For disconnect, the wifi, just type netsh WLAN disconnect in cmd.
  • This is the easiest method to hack wifi password with windows. You can connect any wifi connection available in your circle with your windows pc. This method working fine for hack all type of wifi connections which protected with WPE, WPA, and WPA2. So enjoy wifi hack and free browsing with your desired wifi connection without a password.

If you are Android users, Try androdumper for hack wifi password in android without root. Androdumper is the best wifi hack tool allow us to hack any wifi password without rooting android mobile. I hope this trick working fine for you.

If you have any problem while following above steps, Just comment here. I will help you to hack any wifi password with your windows pc and android mobile. Share this post with your friends.


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