Google plus is a one of the social network, owned by Google. so many people use this it, You can share anything with your friends by Google plus. It’s one of import product from Google. Now many people search for how to Delete Google plus Account Without Deleting Gmail.

If you want to keep using Gmail and rest of Google’s tools, but want to ditch Google+, AddictiveTips shows the simple steps to remove the social network functions from your Google account. If your Google account deleted your youtube account also automatically deleted. so if you want to delete your Google Plus be aware and take backup data from Google+ product and youtube.

Procedure for how to delete Google plus account without deleting Gmail.

  • Sing in your Gmail account then click on top right corner and should click my account button
  • Then open google account setting.
  • Now you can click “Delete your account (or) services” under Account preference.
  • You have seen a delete confirmation page. It will ask you if it’s okay to delete what’s called your “Google Profile.”
  • Go over the details of what will happen when you delete your Google Profile and make sure you know what you’re removing. if you’re ready, check the box next to “Required: Yes, I understand that deleting the Google profile for ‘Your Name’,” and click “Remove selected services.”

I hope this post will help you to delete google plus account without deleting your gmail account. Share this post with your friends. If you have any errors while following above steps simply comment here.

Delete google plus account without deleting gmail

  • That’s all it takes. Keep in mind if you remove your Google+ profile from your Google account it can affect your YouTube comments and interactions. YouTube uses your Google+ information, so be prepared
    (note: Once deleted your Google+ account you can’t able to restore your account and account data so if you delete your account you must be backup Google+ data)


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