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Hi friends I have to tell about

  •                  Airtel Working Free Internet Trick
  •                  Airtel Psiphon Handler Trick October 2017
  •                  Working Airtel UDP free internet trick 2017
  •                  Airtel Today Plans

Airtel Working Free Internet Trick

Hi friends,  This is one of the tricks to access free internet on your mobile, You can easily use this on the go in your Airtel sim. It is a very simple trick to implement and very easy to use. Airtel Network is the best network in India and it provides best service and connectivity. I will teach how to access the Airtel free internet. No need to Recharge. You can access unlimited free internet

Airtel free internet


1) Your Airtel sim should be the first sim on your Mobile.
2)Must-Have Zero balance in Airtel Sim.
3)Download QueenCee Vpn
This Queencee Vpn is used to access free internet on airtel sim.

Procedure For Airtel Free internet

First, Download Queensee Vpn  from the browser.
Install and open Queensee Vpn on your mobile.
Tick Show on Start left the top on your mobile.

Then Tick Remove port

Airtel internet hack
Then Proxy Type can select the Real host in queencee vpn App.
Now Proxy Server can type
Airtel high speed internet
Then Select Real Proxy Type is Default.
Then Real Proxy server you have to type
Real Proxy port is 80
Airtel very speed internet
Now you have to turn on Cellular data.
You must have turned on mobile data before click save button on your mobile.
You are done. Click on Save Button. Wait for 2 mins until processes are completed.
Hereafter its show left side top key icon on your mobile. It will be connected instantly.
Now hope You are enjoying free internet on your airtel sim. If you do not try this trick now you go and do it. You do not need to do airtel internet recharge as you can run it for free. This trick works for both 2G and 3G and gives you high-speed unlimited Airtel 3G internet data for free.

Airtel psiphon Handler Trick October 2017

Hi Friends, This is the second trick for how to use Psiphon free internet trick Lets follow this method.


1)Must-Have Zero balance in Airtel Sim.

2)Download Psiphon handler 82

These psiphon handler 82 should be downloaded to your mobile. It is used to access use Psiphon free internet trick on Airtel Sim.

Procedure For Airtel Free internet

  • First, Download psiphon handler 82 from a browser.
  • Install and open psiphon handler 82 on your mobile.
  • Then Tick Remove port.

increase speed internet from airtel

Then Proxy Type  can select Real host.
Now you have to enter X-Online-Host
Enter Proxy Server
how can increase airtel internet speed
Set Real Proxy Type has No proxy.


Now you have to Turn on Cellular data.
You must have turned on mobile data before click saves button on your mobile. You are done. Now you can connect internet. It’s 100% working to access the internet with the help of psiphon tricks for android.

Psiphon airtel hack trick working in all states in India with high-speed.

Working Airtel UDP free internet trick 2017

This trick You can be accessed for free internet use with the help of UDP. It’s also no need to recharge internet packs, You can easily access the unlimited 4G internet. It can be working PC and Android smartphones.


Airtel Sim with Zero balance
Android smart phone.
Download Droid VPN.


Download DroidVPN app through the play store.
Install and open it
Then go to the settings set Local UDP Port is 0 and Remote UDP port is 9201 or 9200 or 49201.
Now you can click on start button then connect internet on your smartphone get free 4G internet.

Airtel Today Plans

Hi friends,
Happy to inform Airtel users Airtel provide super offers 1.5GB data per day with Rs.349

Airtel has introduced Rs.349 plan to offer more data. Now more customer interest to recharge Rs.349 plan. This plan only for prepaid Airtel customer and its validity 70 days. Airtel has introduced new plan offer 70GB data and free outgoing roaming calls.
Airtel user can be recharge through myAirtel App. Then new plan Rs.448 giving 1GB of 4G data per day, unlimited local and std calls, free outgoing roaming calls, 3000 free SMS.
Airtel postpaid plans have just become bigger and better. Switch to Airtel Postpaid plan and enjoy.
  • Unlimited Calls & Free Incoming on Roaming
  • Free Handset Damage Protection
  • Free Subscription to Wynk Music & Airtel TV
  • Free Home Delivery of SIM & Zero Activation Charges
  • 20GB Data – Unused Data Added Back Next Month…


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