Here I have tell about How To Add Your Photo In Google Images. Google Images is a search service which is owned by Google. It allows people to search images by entering keywords which are on the basis of the filename of the image, the link text directing to the image and the descriptive text bonding to the image. Here you can get all images in google image search with the search keywords. Basically, you will get the first page in google by the keyword difficulty and popularity. So here am sharing this easy guide add a photo to google images with simple steps to Add Your Photo In Google Images results. Everyone searching for how to add my photo in google images and how to upload a photo on google search engine.

Google never miss any web page from the internet for adding it to search results. So surely you will get your image indexed in google image search. If you want your photo to appear in Google Images, you should first post it to a website or blog for making your image appears in google. There are a lot of free blog providers available on the web for creating your own free blog. Here am sharing this tutorial with blogger step by step guide. To make this trick works you must have working google account and blogger account.

Blogger is the free platform to create your own free blog and publish your web pages on google. Simply follow the below steps with step by step guide and enjoy your own images indexed in google.

How To Add Your Photo In Google Images :

  • Open blogger and click on new blog.
  • Then create your own blog with any desired template and title.
  • Now Click on the new post and create a new post.
  • Enter some text as your name and add your image in posts.
  • Click on the image and click properties section.
  • Enter your name with some text in alt section.
  • Finally, publish your post after open Google webmaster tools section. Add your blog to google webmaster tools and verify it. Once you confirm the owner verification using meta codes. You will be able to customize the visibility in a google search. Finally, submit your sitemap in sitemap section under Sitemaps and confirm it.

Finally, Google will crawl your blogger blog within few minutes and your images added to google image search in few days. To add your images instantly in google follow below fetch as google steps in google webmaster tools.

Open Fetch As Google option and enter your blog post URL which you add in your blogger blog. Finally, the google bots will crawl this post page and you will get your image indexed in google image search. This method working fine and tested. Also, you can try WordPress to create your new blog instantly. Then use google webmaster tools to index your images in google image search.


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