Gmail is the most commonly used for sending and receiving emails from worldwide users. Now-a-days everyone using multiple Gmail accounts for messaging on the web via google mail. If having 3,4 Gmail account users are deleting their unused Gmail account. Here after Gmail account deletion, You will not able to open the Gmail account with same Gmail user name with password It’s a google account rules. Therefore so many users losing important contacts and important emails and data. Also if you are opening any account on some sites, Google account is necessary to confirm your account. Here am back with this tutorial How To Recover A Deleted Gmail Account for beginners.

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In this time if you are forgot password for your Gmail linked account, You must have that Gmail account for recovery purpose. Also some sites not support another Gmail account to link your accounts. So that time we face some issues with deleted Gmail account. The below steps helps you to recover deleted Gmail account and Gmail messages easily in few minutes. The process is very simple and you must have the recovery email or phone number which related your deleted Gmail account.

The important point is, You must have follow the below steps within 2 days after deletion. Because google will take time for remove your Gmail account within 2 days. And also this will not free up your username. So guys follow all below steps in 2 days after deletion of Gmail account.

How To Recover A Deleted Gmail Account :

Recover Deleted Gmail account

  • Open Gmail account and click on Having Trouble Signing In and continue.
  • Enter your deleted Gmail account password and click to continue.
  • It will be redirected to a page for deleted account verification form.
  • Next, you will get recovery question for verifying your Gmail account.
  • Enter the recovery options and enter your previous account activity.
  • Finally you are verified as account holder and you will get email in your recovery email.
  • Then click on the email give new password for your Gmail.
  • Google requires to enter your last email activity and when you create this account and some other details. Then google will give back your account access. But Gmail account will be empty without any previous data. Once you recover your account and activated it. Your data need some time to get download.

So need some time to access your Gmail account with previous Gmail inbox messages. Follow all above steps and enjoy your deleted Gmail account again with your full emails. So i hope this post will helps you to recover a deleted Gmail account. Comment here if you are facing any issues while following above steps, Just comment here.


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